Repair of Amplifiers
Do you have problems with the sound in your car? The fault may be with the amplifier.

 No sound.

 One or more speakers are not working

 Sometimes no sound.

 Water damage.

 Creaking noise.

Your device cannot be repaired  

or has been stolen ?

We find for you another suitable,

affordable solution - with garanty ! 

List of devices
Pick-Up & Deliver
We take care of pick ups and returns within Belgium. DON’T FORGET! Pack it securely! !
Recovery Period
How long the repair takes depends on the type of fault. We strive to send the device back within 1 or 2 working days after receiving it in the case of known faults. If circumstances mean you will have to wait longer we will keep you informed.
Affordable Solutions
Your device can no longer be repaired ? We can often offer an exchange or second-hand replacement.
1 year warranty
We work exclusively with original parts because we are fully convinced of their quality. As a result, we offer a 1-year warranty as standard on all replaced parts and installation. If you encounter the same problem again within this period we will repair it for free.

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Th. Donnéstraat 23

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