First Contact

By telephone, mail of WhatsApp.  Give us a clear description of the fault.

If it is a known or frequent fault we can give you an idea of the repair costs immediately. If the fault is not clear or is unknown we can give you a price quote.

Pick-Up the device

Servimac contacts BPost, GLS or UPS to collect the device.

Sending your device – what should you include?

- Navigation DVD or SD Card

- Description of the fault and contact person’s

- Device’s PIN code

Repair & Price Quote

When we receive your device we conduct a thorough inspection, repair it or give you a quote.

We will contact you by telephone if the repair costs are higher than initially estimated or the device cannot be repaired. We can then replace or exchange the device. Unfortunately, this is not possible for all sorts of devices.

Duration of the repair & Warranty

We aim to return devices within 1 to 2 working days after we receive them if they can be repaired in our own workshop. It can take 10 to 15 days for devices that have to be returned to the manufacturer or the brand for repair.

We'll return your device by BPost, GLS of UPS.

All devices have 1-year warranty for repair, exchange or sale.


Pick-Up and Deliver

Our partners in transport :

Th. Donnéstraat 23

3540 Herk-de-stad 

+32 013 44 10 47

Th. Donnéstraat 23

3540 Herk-de-Stad



Reachable by Phone :

Monday - Friday : 9u00 - 17u30

Visit Us  : Only by appointment

- Navigations
- Navigation Screens
- Oldtimer Radios
- Amplifiers

End of year holidays :  

from 27 december '21 to 7 january '22

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